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Had fun giving your game a try!  Great job! 

This was really cool! I really like the creture in the lab. It makes things feel very tense. 

Tout beau tout frais 

Very cool game!

Мне кажется это игра прекрасный представитель своего жанра!

I just found this game strange.

Great game, interesting concept not much more to say

I have a question: What engine did you use for making this game?

Unreal Engine 4.22

Great Jumpscares! xD

I really liked the game and I hope you like my gameplay!
My channel is SilverChiara. I hope to see more from you!

very cool :)

This was a good shot game with a interesting story. The fact that jobs are being takin over in real life and threw a nice twist on it. Very creative idea with a good exaction to back it up. I highly recommend this game to everyone.

Nice and creepy

Game is very intresting and creepy, at one point I got jumpscared and flipped the camera off XD, but good game, It was a little short but it was rather an enjoyable experience! (I play the game at the ending of the video)

Really creepy. I had an idea of what was gonna happen, but that was still surprising. 

Awesome job! We had a great time playing your game.

This game got a lot of potential! The monster may not be so scary, but the situation and atmosphere inside the game are quite good. I know this is just created in few days but GREAT JOB MAN!!! 

that was fun game. but i dont feel any scare lol

Was a fun game at the start and when the twist came towards the end, it become even better! How things went from normal to... Dark and evil was a good transition. Didn't notice the head of the clean machine taken off when I was playing but realised you had primed the player to figure out what was underneath the machine from the start of the second act. 

The design of the monster was really good and added a layer of spookiness to the lore and also the game itself. Not sure if there were multiple endings, but if there were (sorry I did not get them all) it's a really good way of making the players go through this great game again and it was well done! 

The machine at the end was really well balanced as it did not make it too difficult for the player to get to the breakers and also the layout of the map was well done as well. Loved how you added little alcoves and vent like things for the player to hide in. 

The story was interesting too and the way you primed the player to think twice and suspect the company through the conversations and also the machine at the beginning was really well done and subtle enough to add to the story in a large way! (If that made any sense.)

Overall, it was a great game and you've done an absolute great job at it. Congrats and good luck for future projects!

Not bad, not bad at all!

Loved the idea of redundancy by technology taking us over. Ironically making us "obsolete" lol.

Was a bit disappointed that there was no consequences to getting caught though.

i liked it! wish it was longer but it was from a game jam so what do i expect. defintely good for a game made in a few days.

i amazing the game is so creepy my stress is so high

That was Scary

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This got me when it shouldn’t have and it got me when it should have.  XD

Pour les Francophones !

I enjoyed the game. It def could be a little bit scarier but I like the idea and the style. I followed you cuz I wanna play more games from you in the future. Here is my video on the game if anyone is interested. The game is at 6:05

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)


I want to go home!

I don't know how the same part of this game managed to jumpscare me twice, good job. I did a video of my gameplay that I will link below if you are interested in my reaction, also if you like it sub while you are watching  :D

i didnt know this was gunna scare me its 2;30 am i just wanted a nice cool game where i fix computers now im not gunna sleep thx ;p


yeah pretty good jump scare man, i hate you :)

Thank you for the jumpscare!

This was a fun little game!

This was a good game! The cleaner really scared me haha.

Love this game, good story

I enjoy the game !

I enjoyed playing this game! I thought it didn't work properly at first. I really got some Junji Ito's Gyo vibes from the mechanical/human thing. I got a couple of spooks. 

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!

Really enjoyed this :)

This was fun to play! Everyone was Dwayne Rock Johnson, there was also the interesting robot designs o.O but overall a really fun horror game! Loved it! your game starts at 2:20


Enjoyed it quite a bit. Thought the endings were pretty interesting for a short horror game.

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